Someone asked me a fundamental question earlier this week and I thought it might make a good new series.  This is how it will work: I ask a simple question, anyone who wants can give their answer in the comments (on the blog itself or on the Facebook Page), I’ll leave a link to my own thoughts, and we can discuss!

This week, we will discuss THE most primary question of them all:

What is a story?

Really curious to hear people’s thoughts on this!

Here’s my answer:


Looking forward to reading your answer in the comments here or on the Facebook Page!

(As well as any thoughts on my answer!)

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Some quick guidelines for definitions:

– It should go without saying that synonyms aren’t an answer (a story is a tale, a story is a narrative, etc).  

– More significantly, a definition like “something with a beginning, middle, and end” isn’t an answer for two reasons: a) “beginning, middle, and end” is a example of a non-essential feature (a piece of string has a beginning, middle, and end), and b) by using a word like “something”, you have glossed over the thing you’re trying to define (ie we want to know what that “something” with a beginning, middle, and end IS).

– In my opinion, what your definition SHOULD do: a) provide a baseline understanding the features all stories share, and b) enable us to determine what makes one story better or worse than another.


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