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One more thing…

This series involved ripping apart what is mostly a masterpiece.

But I will not end on a tone of mockery.


After all, the Prequels are still STAR WARS Prequels.  And STAR WARS–the universe, the characters, the kinds of stories–is something great.

One more thing…

This series involved ripping apart what is mostly a masterpiece.

But I will not end on a tone of mockery.

There are all sorts of decisions Lucas made in the prequels I may never understand.  What was the point of Mace Windu?

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Why show our favorite characters as toddlers?


What was little kid Joss Whedon doing in the Jedi archives in Episode II?

Picture 12

We will never know.

(Oops, I guess I’m ending with a little mockery…)

But that’s not what Star Wars means to me.

There is GOOD in this series.

I can FEEL it.


I want to say:

George Lucas, thank you for making Star Wars.


THANK YOU for making a story that took place “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” because that is AWESOME.  It’s an epic intro to ANY series, and for a SCI FI series–SO COOL.

Picture 10

THANK YOU for starting with Episode Four (even if it was a retroactive decision).  Implying a backstory created a mystique that made literally EVERYTHING after that SOOOO much cooler. Not to mention it probably took a lot of guts to do.


THANK YOU for taking Sci Fi as a genre and putting in PRINCESSES and WIZARDS and SWORDS and KNIGHTS.  The only thing better than either the fantasy or sci fi genres is this seamless hybrid you created.

SW 3

THANK YOU making the Good/Evil dichotomy in this series Light Side vs Dark Side instead of Force vs No Force.  It was an ingenious move broadened the scope of the Star Wars world more than most people realize.

Lars Homestead

THANK YOU for having the incredible INSIGHT to know how much more interesting it is in a genre full of WACKY alien worlds, to take us NOT to the center of the galaxy but to its OUTER RIM.  By letting us explore moisture farms and gas mines, we did not meet the wacky crazy characters we expected, but characters we felt we knew from our own lives.  Even the side characters were familiar to us: Lando as the troublemaker friend we had who turned clean and runs a successful business, the jawas as sketchy junk dealers, all the weird characters who hang out at the local bar.  I could totally see a hollywood suit saying that would be unexciting and bland, but you understood how interesting and immersive a choice it was and you went and did it your way.


THANK YOU for making the most entertaining robots I’ve ever seen.  How you thought of the idea of a pessimistic complaining robot who talks too much I’ll never know.


THANK YOU for making the “I am your father” scene.  That climax, not just the twist but the whole escalation leading up, was one of the best I’ve seen in any movie.


THANK YOU for making characters so iconic and so easy to GET, while not making them cliche.  Again, don’t know how you pulled that off, but WOW.

THANK YOU for making the last movie about the prospect of Darth Vader having good in him.  What an AWESOME direction to take the biggest villain in the series.  Thank you for understanding how much depth that brings to a character when he goes from villain (who we try not to identify with) to hero (who we totally identify with), from a character representing the external enemy, to one representing the internal one we all relate to.  That drastic change in your emotional relationship towards a character from animosity to sympathy blew us all away.  Who would have thought the series would end with Luke crying over Darth Vader’s body?  And who would have thought WE’D feel sad about his death too?  That was such a powerful experience.  It was a refreshingly unexpected ending to a plot we thought we’d seen so many times. So thank you for that too.

And THANK YOU for everything else I forgot to mention.  For everything that made this movie such a strong part of my childhood, my culture, my idea of what great fiction IS.

Thank you, George Lucas.




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