Now that we’ve finished talking about characters, let’s talk about CHARACTERS!

So.  Iconic is a word.  We connected to the characters in the Original Star Wars episodes because they were characters we KNEW.


Farmboy with a big dream!  Luke3_1730709a




Snarky anti hero!Hansoloprofile




Princess with attitude!Picture 53




Scary ruthless villain!Vaderrotj




Now tell me, what ICONIC CHARACTER ARCHTYPE is this?


or this?


or this?


um….uh hippie… samurai?

The only iconic characters based on archetypes we know and love are:


Mysterious Mastermind Villain (which was fine)


Dark Warrior (who got ZERO lines [fine ONE line], so barely counts as a character)




Comic relief.

Archetypes and tropes can be cliche but they became cliche because we LIKE them.  We LIKE seeing the same stories and characters over and over because those stories MEAN something to us.

Now, if Lucas had dropped the iconic characters and really put work into making unique characters and personalities that were also cool and interesting, well that would have worked too.  In my opinion he should have stuck to iconic characters because that was one of the things that made people LOVE the originals.  But there wasn’t really an attempt at either.  The characters were all just kinda hastily sketched out.  And so that didn’t really work.

(That’s right, George, we all know how much work you put into this dude from ep III:)


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