star wars vs the sequels

I did not like Star Wars Episode VII.

As a movie, it was half baked.  As a Star Wars story, it missed the bullseye by a shocking margin.  I don’t think it was JJ Abrams’ fault.  It stinks of backwards Hollywood producers to me.  Nevertheless, the let down was real.  I made a real effort to enjoy it, but there were too many flaws holding the story back.

Before I proceed, I’ll admit that there are a few saving graces.  If you’ve never seen Star Wars at all, you will enjoy a half baked movie with decent special effects and enough hype around it to enable you to overlook all of its glaring problems.

Saving grace number two are Rey and Poe, both of whom have potential to be fine characters.


Saving grace number three is that when Finn is looking through a crate in the Millennium Falcon, he finds the little blaster ball that Luke used for practice with Obi Wan.  Easily the most hype part of the movie.

I’m not a fan of yucking people’s yums, so I write this with trepidation.  And since this movie somehow has a 95% yum rating on rottentomatoes, I’ll preface this series by saying: if you did enjoy this movie, and if reading this will potentially ruin that enjoyment for you, read no further.

Without further ado.


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